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About the company

About the company – engineering and building comfortable space.

Our company was established in 2011 by specialists from various design bureaus and construction companies who wished low-height housing construction become more affordable and of higher quality.

We’ve been working with construction companies providing remote engineering design services, technical and architectural supervision as a subcontractor for more than five years. Since 2016 we’ve started developing our own construction approach grasping the biggest part of the engineering and building works in low-height housing construction segment.

Today we can offer a wide range of engineering and design services as well as full-scale construction cycle starting from land parcel preparation to turnkey, providing a fully equipped house to the client. From then on, we give engineering support to our client.

We successfully work due to our clients’ feedback which helps us in our future development.

To put it simply: high quality is the key to good development. This concept gives a clear idea of how every employee should his work and what will help him reach success in it.

To keep our client happy we build only according to the project which is based on geological examination. When creating the project we comply with the Russian National Standard fixed in the regulatory documentation.

A project is a blueprint for the future. If all the input data is correctly defined and the client gets reliable information about the materials and technologies used, in the end, the house will meet clients’ expectations bringing sustained positive emotions.

Thank you for your interest in our company!

We are always happy to meet you in our office.

Our projects

Голландский дом ДПК-276

Голландский дом ДПК-276

Голландский дом ДПК-276


«Зелёные крыши» ДПК-263

«Зелёные крыши» ДПК-263

«Зелёные крыши» ДПК-263


Дом лесника ДПК-269

Дом лесника ДПК-269

Дом лесника ДПК-269





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Choosing materials and technologies should be given enough attention and should be thought thoroughly. If you want your house, sauna or any other facility gratifies you with its simplicity and convenience, please ask our specialist for a piece if advice.

Deliver preliminary calculation

Tell you about different technologies

Assist in choosing the materials

Assist in choosing design


1. How to start working with the company?

Business arrangement is as follows.

  • No-cost specialist’s advice: assistance in selecting the project, preliminary calculation;
  • Design agreement. The accurate calculation of the final construction cost is made based on the results of the design;
  • Construction agreement. Advance payment under the agreement;
  • Production and prefabricated house assembly;
  • Dirt work and foundation (simultaneously with the production of the prefabricated house);
  • Prefabricated house delivery;
  • Construction works (divided into milestones);
  • Milestone results acceptance procedure and payment;
  • When the construction is over, the construction project stays under our servicing;

2. Choosing a type of the project: standard house or individual design?

The choice depends on your construction requirements, how often you’re going to use the house, a number of permanently living people and guest visiting, whether you have pets or not as well as your hobbies and desires.

You can build your idea on some of our own design or any third-party company. A personal architect will be working with your to help you define your requirements and desires for the future building as well as create a technical task.

3. Payment procedure

The payment is made on the basis of the signed agreement. When signing the agreement, the payment is divided in two even parts and is paid before creating the design and upon results acceptance.

The payment for the production of prefabricated house and building works is divided into stages. Payment conditions are discussed individually in accordance with the selected materials and the scope of work.

4. How to prepare your land parcel for construction.

It is necessary to ensure the following conditions on the site in order not to have any issues:

  • Agree on specialists’ admission to the site if it has a security control point.
  • Provide vehicular access to the site.
  • Provide electricity and drinking water to the site.
  • Free up some space for an accommodation cabin where construction workers will stay.
  • Free up some space for keeping necessary construction materials.

Note: We can resolve all these issues on a turnkey basis if you have no time to deal with them yourself.

5. What is required during the construction process?

In our work we tend to follow a designated schedule. You only need to follow the acceptance procedure and remunerate in a timely manner. For your convenience, we provide video surveillance on the site so you can always check what is happening there.

6. Result acceptance procedure

The whole process is divided into milestones. Upon the completion of every milestone we sign a progress statement. It also includes photos of unseen processes, acceptance of which can be carried out by external technical supervision (at your request).

Due to our consistent work organisation we provide a predictable construction result: the house brings joy to its owner.